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Cyber Mayhem is a shoot 'em up / bullet hell game where you take control of an ambiguous character whose job is to annihilate enemy forces in order to redeem the areas that they captured. Fight your way through 3 different levels (and 1 secret level *cough*), each with its own unique boss, and obtain power ups to gain an advantage over the enemies.

This was my first video game endeavor. I did the coding, music, and (lackluster) art myself. It was pretty challenging. But I learned a lot, all things considered. I hope you get some degree of enjoyment out of this.

Download the soundtrack here.


  • Arrow keys to move
  • X to shoot main weapon
  • C to shoot plasma cannon

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Install instructions

Download and unzip the folder. Simple as that.

Note: The game comes bundled with a JRE since it requires Java in order to run. If you don't already have Java (6 or newer) installed, ensure that both the JRE folder and .exe file are in the same directory.


CyberMayhem.zip 79 MB

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